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Our fitness and weight loss retreat is owned and operated by ex-Special Forces. It is designed with The Great Outdoors at heart. We help women boost their fitness and kick-start weight loss, while learning all the skills they need to keep it up in a healthy and sustainable way. We only use properties that combine comfort and luxury with beautiful grounds, popping-up in locations that have access to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

We have two current boot camp locations, Scotland and Spain.

Making Fitness Fun!



Fresh, healthy cuisine

Food makes up such an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. Our fitness and weight-loss boot camp has nutrition at the heart - helping you to discover tasty ways to stay on track and feed your body with everything it needs. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, our meals will keep you feeling nourished while encouraging fat loss.

Client Testimonials

Weight loss results differ from person to person, but we are proud to say that our average weight loss is 4.1kg. You have measurements and weight recorded on your arrival and again the morning of your departure. We also get in touch a week following your boot camp to get an update on progress as your metabolism will be at a high and most clients see further losses the week after the boot camp when they go back to their daily routines. Here are some client testimonials from some of our fitness retreats.

"I lost 6.6kg in one week!" - Who Dares Slims client


Virginia lost 6.6kg on our 7-day boot camp in Spain. She says: "If anyone fancies this, I can prove to you that it works! Hard exercise, great food and fabulous trainers. 14.5 lbs down in a week and fit as a butcher’s dog!!”

Fitness and weight loss boot camp


Saffron had been on one of Jamie’s boot camps previously - but decided she wanted to try a fitness holiday in Spain with her friend. She lost 4kg on our 7-day fitness retreat and couldn’t be happier!

Best way to lose weight - Who Dares Slims boot camp


Sharron Lost 3.8lbs (1.7kg) in 4 days and a further 2.4lb (1kg) a week after.

“Bootcamp holiday helped me view my body differently” April ‘19

“Bootcamp holiday helped me view my body differently” April ‘19

“Diary of a Novice Boot Camper” November ’18

“Diary of a Novice Boot Camper” November ’18

“How much weight can you lose at boot camp?” February ‘19

“How much weight can you lose at boot camp?” February ‘19


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