Gousto or not to Gousto?

That is the question!

There is an ever-growing number of packaged dinners companies, such as Gousto, Hello Chef and Macro Meals all designed to make deciding what to cook for dinner easier. Let's take a look at Gousto.

The premise is simple - they package up all the ingredients you need, alongside simple to follow recipes, and deliver this for free to your front door. Each box has a week's worth of meals to cook, all nutritionally balanced and apparently easy to assemble. 

Personally, I love walking through every isle in the supermarket, picking up and inspecting new ingredients before making up a recipe on my own. 

If you want to try it out - here is a discount code for GoustoPROMO1515This will get you £15 off your first and second box*. This code is valid until 01/04/2018.