Nicole's story

Hi, I'm Nicole, and I am a Foodie. 

Yes, I capitalised that F because I am a Foodie personified. I love good food. Lots of it. Basically, I'll eat everything you put in front of me. I have always been like this (see photos below....)

When I started in the world of sedentary office-work, I ballooned. As some of you will know, it's customary in some office environments for people to bring in massive chocolate cakes to celebrate birthdays; I was always one of the first to cut themselves a slice. Before I knew it I was close to 90kg and I'm only 170cm tall!!

Two years ago, it took a fight (probably over something I was trying to eat) at Christmas with my mother for me to take action. I ended up booking myself onto a full week of boot-camping.

The week was hard. What was harder, was that I had to give up a full 5 days of my beloved annual leave to go on it!  But it paid off, In a week I lost 4kgs. With a new positive mental attitude, I was able to keep the weight off, and even drop a few further kilos. 

I wanted to keep going on week-long boot camps, but when you're only given 25 days annual leave a year, I was just not willing to give up 5 of them for my fitness! So lots of discussion and consideration later, Jamie and I settled on the idea that we should start our own boot camps for the time-poor. 4 days, 4 nights - Boost to the fitness and kick-start the weight loss. 

If you're like me; you're time-poor and need these regular jump-starts to your fitness to keep your weight in check, then maybe Premier Boot Camp is for you.

Check our coming dates here or email me at

x Nicole

p.s Terry's chocolate orange is my weakness....