Instagram: The Courgette Recipe

Hey everyone! 

Here is my recipe for courgettes I posted on Instagram - they are super-simple to make for yourself, fresh, healthy and only take a few minutes to cook. Why not give them a try!

You need: 1 Courgette, a pot of fat-free plain yoghurt, 1 lemon, fresh or dried dill, a small handful of flour and seasoning to taste. 

  1. Chop a whole courgette into rounds of about half a centimetre thick. Slimmer slices cook faster. 
  2. Throw the courgette slices into some flour. I like to add a pinch of salt and pepper into mine from the outset - but you can season to taste once they're cooked. They only need to be lightly dusted so they get a lovely crisp finish to them, so take them out when they're coated.
  3. Heat up a couple of teaspoons of virgin olive oil  (yes! oil! It may be high in calories, but it adds to the flavour!) and start cooking the courgettes in it on a mid-to-high heat.
  4. While those fry off - mix together a pot of low-fat natural yoghurt with the juice of half a lemon, some salt, pepper and a good pinch of dill. Personally, I keep dried dill in the cupboard because it's much less faff - but it's soooo much better with fresh dill if you can get your hands on it! 
  5. Once the courgettes have a brown crispness to them take them out of the pan and straight into a serving plate. Drizzle the yoghurt dip on-top and VOILA! Dinner is served!

Let me know if you like this - and feel free to share your own recipes back with us!

x Nicole