Graze - Healthy Snacks, Delivered

I snack, a lot. Probably too much.... But that's why when I discovered I was an instant convert!

The idea is simple: healthy snacks delivered to your front door - or direct to my office in my case. It's helped curb my tendency reach for the chocolate, crisps or sweets - swapping them for a varied and healthy nibble.

They have everything from salty crunchy snacks to sweet puddings that you heat up in the microwave - even popcorn! As you can see Jamie's current favourite is the protein range (no surprises there!!)

You just pick the boxes you like, you can even rate them so that they know what to send you next, and then receive you tasty goodies weekly (or however frequently if you'd like). Like the sound of that? Check our their snacks here

Get involved in the conversation: Which are your favourites Graze snacks and why?

Who Dares Slims - Jamie Good