Summer has arrived!

Summer has finally arrived! To mark the occasion, Jamie and I have been out and about, scoping some local hikes and days out.

Yesterday we took the day to go over the Severn Bridge to Wales for a little picnic and hike in the Wentwood Forest. Wentwood Forest - It is the largest ancient woodland in Wales and the ninth largest in the UK. Ordenance Survey do maps if you need them, as phone signal was a bit temperamental!

We parked up at the Wentwood picnic area - which has benches and BBQs for those who have brought more than just a sandwich.  Walking up directly behind it is Gray Hill which was quite steep, but well worth it! My advice is that you wear some good hiking boots as the trail is not only steep, but uneven. (You can get some cool new boots from Simply Hike)

The views from the top of Gray Hill are spectacular - especially on a clear day where you can see all the way over to the Severn Bridge and beyond. 

From there you have lots of options to zig-zag through the forest - where you might even encounter deer like we did. We stopped at a beautiful fallen down tree, climbed into it’s branches and set ourselves up a picnic.

Today we set off on another adventure - this time, heading to the stunning beach of Weston Super-Mare. It has an impressive 2 miles (3.3km) of white sand to walk along (or you can go for a jog - if you're that way inclined!) and has a huge tidal range. At low tide, like when we arrived,  the water is over a mile from the seafront! Because of this ample space, it is well renowned for dog-walkers. We spent some time watching dogs play around from the Grand Pier which was highly entertaining.  If you've been good and had a really nice long walk - you will have earned yourself some lunch. We opted for the classic seaside fish and chips - but beware the seagulls who will try and steal your chips!! 

Have you been on any great walks in this stunning weather? We'd love to hear your recommendations - you can comment in the box below!

Nicole & Jamie