Why I Eat Pasta

People try and make pasta out to be some evil food that needs to be avoided. Yeah, alright, so it’s not the best food to have if you’re trying to lose weight - but if your body craves it (like mine often does) you should let yourself have some. It’s all about balance. 

Here are a couple of my tips to make sure you’re not about to carb-overload when you do reach for the ravioli!

First, start by checking you’ve got the right portion size. I’m notoriously bad at portion control, so I have this cute little piggy that helps me measure out spaghetti for 1,2 or 3 people. If you’re happier weighing out the pasta, go right ahead. 

Secondly, try and swap white pasta for wholemeal. It doesn’t have the same flavour, it’s a bit nuttier with a more rustic texture, but I still love it. It has a higher nutrutional value, and a lower  GI (Glycemic Index) - this means it takes longer for your body to break it down and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  

Last but not least - what sauce you prepare to go with it? If you’re planning on a carbonara, you might as well go full hog with cream and bacon. I’ve found that all the ‘healthy substitute’ carbonara sauces I’ve tasted to be lacklustre.  If you are going for it, just make sure you balance out the rest of your day to account for your cheat meal! Personally, I’m a tomato based sauce kind of girl. Grilled veggies, especially aubergine, in a fresh tomato sauce does it for me. Jamie loves seafood, so I recently prepared some linguini with Honduran king prawns, spinach, tomato and chilli. It went down a treat. 

What’s your favourite pasta dish?

x Nicole