"Don't worry - It's just DOMS"

Who Dares Slims - Sports Massage

"Don't worry - It's just DOMS"

The first time Jamie said this to me - I thought I might kill him. I had been trying to lift myself off a chair - but was unable to do so without wincing. It was exactly two days after i'd joined him to do 'legs-day' at the gym..... 

DOMS - or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - Is the pain you feel after you've exercised hard. It's most accutely felt 24-72 hours after a big workout.

Our ladies are nearing the end of day two of the Who Dares Slims boot camp and are starting to feel the onset of DOMS today. Because they're such warriors and want to achieve the best boost to their fitness and metabolism they haven't let this bother them.

Help isn't far away. To alleviate some of the soreness our trained sports masseuse Rebecca will be giving the ladies massages. Massage post exercise helps flush out lactic acid that has built up in the muscles during intensive workouts. What's more - the ladies also have access to the hot tub to help ease off those stiff and sore joints! 

What's your best method of easing the pain of DOMS? Let us know in the comments below!