The Devils Pulpit

On a hot bank holiday Monday, we went on yet another outdoors micro-adventure.

This time to the Devil's Pulpit near Milngavie in Scotland (location). It is a 70ft deep gorge, with impressive green mossy walls and striking red riverbed.

After parking up, we followed the road around to some signs explaining a bit more about the gorge - with big warning signs advising of the dangers of approaching it. They're not joking! There are some steep and slippy man-made steps leading down into the river. I would advise you wear sturdy footwear and something you don't mind getting wet or muddy as a number of the steps were done sliding down on my bum! It's very steep, so take great care when you do. 

When you get to the bottom, it's a completely different world. The green walls come up around you, covered in beautiful ferns and moss. The water is peaty and surrounded by red clay banks. The contrast between the two is something to be marvelled at.

It was all the more impressive on a warm day. The water was low and not utterly freezing so we walked along the river in the gorge. Unfortunately, I did not plan for this part of the day. So, I followed Jamie into the water in my leather hiking boots! They're still drying out and I have bought myself a replacement Salomon pair - they're fab. If you must - check out the great range at Just Hike.

What did you do with your bank holiday weekend? We love to hear about your adventures!