Award-winning Diet Supplement

“This award winning diet supplement guarantees that you will lose weight instantly!”

Be honest, how many times have you heard that claim? And I bet you’ve wanted to believe it.

Don’t be an April fool!

How to lose weight fast - Who Dares Slims fitness and weight loss boot camp

There may be products out there that claim they can help you shift unwanted weight quickly through a ‘cleanse’. However, there is no magical shake or potion that will make you strong, fit and healthy.

That requires hard work and effort. It requires you to push your body during workouts and fuel your body with healthy balanced nutrition.

If you’re time-poor and want to get fit, then we have what you’re looking for. The Who Dares Slims fitness and weight loss boot camp!

On our 7 day fitness and weight loss boot camp, held in Spain and Scotland, you’ll work out with a group of likeminded ladies. The programme is designed to kickstart to your fitness and with the average weight loss at 4.1kg (9lbs) - what have you got to lose?

We run boot camps in both Spain and Scotland. Our Spanish venue provides access to sunshine during the winter months, while our boot camp in Scotland makes use of the incredible Scottish landscape during the summer months.

Read about how our customers have got on at previous boot camps: January and March. You can also read client testimonials here. Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


We also have our boot camp venue in Scotland - more details here. Our boot camp in Scotland is filling up fast, so book now so you’re not disappointed!


Read more about the venue in sunny Spain here. We have recently added new dates, including the first round of dates in 2020.