Client testimonials

Jamie makes exercise fun. You’ll work hard, but you’ll do it with a smile on your face.
— Asha, Bristol
The 7 days were hard - but I felt so much stronger and healthier coming back to my city life
— Emma, London
The food was superb - I didn’t feel hungry at all!
— Trish, Glasgow

lose weight in just 7 days at our boot camp

Helen (@helsbelsb.b)

She works in marketing in Central London and before coming on the boot camp had not done a serious workout in years.

She lost 2.6lbs (1.2kg) on our 4-day programme.

She says: "Going on the Who Dares Slims boot camp has completely changed how I think about exercise and nutrition. It was the boost I needed to get back on track"

Ladies fitness and weight loss retreat in Spain

Kirsty (@kirsty.j.miller)

This is Kirsty - she is a mother to 3 children and struggles to put her wellbeing first. Over the last few months she let her fitness get away from her and her weight crept up.

She lost 2.7kg on our 7-day boot camp in Spain and has maintained her high levels of activity now that she is home.

Trish - Who Dares Slims

Trish (@trishny)

Trish is training for her black belt in karate, but her weight and fitness plateaued. She wanted a boost to her metabolism and fitness to help get ready for the all important day.

She lost 8lbs (3.6kg) in just 4 days and couldn't be happier.

She says "What a fantastic job you guys did, it was just perfect. Looking back it's easy to forget just how hard it was at times because of the beautiful location, fab activities and great company! I can't thank you guys enough."

Losing belly fat has never been easier at our fitness retreats

Victoria (

Victoria had been on residential boot camps before, but didn't want to give up a whole week to shift unwanted pounds.

Vikki lost 4.6lbs (2.1kg)

She says: "I had such a good time on Who Dares Slims - better than any other boot camp I've been on. The exercises we did were so fun that you forgot that you were working hard - It's the best kind and it really work!! Even better, I got the same resutls, but in just 4 days!"

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Emma - Who Dares Slims

Emma (@emtapson)

Emma put on weight working in an office job after university and struggled to shift the weight she had gained on her own.

Emma lost 3.6lbs (1.6kg) during the 4 days, but lost a futher 4.2lbs (1.9kg) the week following it!

She told us: "I've learned about portion control and that while I was eating healthily, I was eating too much. I'm also feeling so much fitter - it's encouraged me to keep up the good work I started at Who Dares Slims!"

Sharron - Who Dares Slims


Sharron Lost 3.8lbs (1.7kg) in 4 days and a further 2.4lb (1kg) a week after.

She says: "I refused a Costa on the way home and only had one tea today. Started day with my mile swim at 6.30 then slid into a summer dress. Buzzing thanks to all you guys, wonderful weekend with fab likeminded people."

Fitness boot camps for women of all ages

Mandy (@mandyparker3833)

Mandy is a true fitness enthusiast. She threw herself into every activity with glee and even conquered the Mediterranean Steps in Gibraltar which was a personal goal of hers.

She was thrilled that she lost 4kg on our 7-day fitness retreat in Spain.

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