The Food

Our meals 

People say 'Food is Fuel'. However at Who Dares Slims our ethos is that food must be more than just fuel - it must be tasty! We have a balanced approach to food: this means we offer a wide range of tasty meals, not just rabbit food, with regular indulgent snacks. At our fitness retreats, our meals are fresh and healthy, created by our top-notch chefs who put the menus together with our nutritionist to ensure that you don't feel hungry during your stay.

Special Dietary Requirements

While we make every effort to ensure our menus appeal to everyone, we know that some people have specific dietary requirements to be catered for. Just let us know in advance.



Breakfast: Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs on rye bread

Snack: Homemade flapjack 

Lunch:  Salmon with sweet potato and spinach

Snack: Oatcakes and hummus

Dinner: Carrot and coriander soup followed by grilled Moroccan chicken with couscous and pomegranate