We have a confession to make....

Confession: We had lunch at McDonald’s. 

Yes, it’s not a healthy choice, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ll just log that one as a cheat day. 

What I’m actually here to talk to you about is marketing. Not just your run-of-the-mill marketing, but specifically marketing of un-healthy foods and when marketing can have harmful consequences. 

While everyone should be allowed a naughty treat every once in a while (because we all know balance is key to staying on track) but I was shocked to discover the following marketing slogan on a wrapper inside the burger box:

“Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you could eat today”

“Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you could eat today”


For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, it says: 

“Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you could eat today”

Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t this exactly what gets us into trouble in the first place!?! 

Staying a healthy weight is about balance and ensuring that you don’t scoff the whole bag of crisps just because they are there. In fact, your ability to exercise self-control is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight - or in my case, ensuring that I shift those unwanted kilos in time for my wedding!

A simple slogan like  “Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you could eat today” might seem like a good marketing tool, but a large number of easily influenced people eat at McDonalds every day and could well take it far too literally.

I’m surprised the McDonalds legal team allowed it to go ahead! I might have understood if it was a small, local coffee and cake shop who had used the slogan in a bid to sell more sweet treats - as they don’t have a massive corporate communications team behind them ensuring that what they say is contentious.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this and if you’ve seen any other examples that you’d like to share?

Nicole Alcantara1 Comment