Highlights from our March boot camp

Hiking at Who Dares Slims fitness and weight loss boot camp

Another Who Dares Slims fitness and weight loss boot camp has come to a close! The latest boot camp was at our stunning venue in southern Spain and we’re thrilled for our clients who lost an average of 4.1kg each! They’ve headed home fitter, leaner and armed with new knowledge to help them lead healthy and happy lives.

While weight loss is a big part of boot camp, we also see women attend whose goal is to boost their fitness and tone up. We are always on hand to provide additional snacks for those whose goal is not weight loss, like in the case of Sandra, our lovely Liverpudlian who was there to tone.

The boot camp programme is diverse with high and low intensity workouts interspersed with hikes in beautiful Spanish countryside. Mountains, river-crossings and canyons make for some interesting hikes with plenty of flora and fauna to admire.

The meals and snacks prepared for boot campers are healthy, balanced and nutritious - aimed at providing them with the energy to participate in everything, while ensuring they’re never hungry. The Spanish cold tomato soup (Gazpacho) wasn’t quite to their taste, but they loved everything else! We cater for all dietary requirements from vegetarian to vegan - and even for the occasional self-confessed ‘fussy eater’!

We regularly post recipe cards from some of the meals cooked at the boot camps. We’ve got the chocolate protein balls , butter bean stew and prawn stir fry recipe cards ready for sharing - so you can just click on those to download them!


Back to the workouts. High intensity workouts are great for burning fat and getting your heart rate pumping. There is a lot of high intensity activities on ‘beach day’ as well as fun games, which bring out the competitive streak in everyone! Jamie even incorporates a nod to his Scottish heritage and as a version of ‘tossing the caber’ for the ladies to play.

Yoga with Franny at Who Dares Slims

To balance everything out, the ladies were awarded with a relaxing yoga session with our qualified yoga instructor Franny. Since the weather was so glorious they were able to have the session outside on the terrace, listing to the birds and the breeze. During the guided meditation at the end of the session, there might have been a moment where one or two drifted off!

Bringing them ‘back into the room’ was a fast and furious Tabata session. If you think 20 seconds isn’t a long time - try Tabata!!!

Aches and pains were looked at by Laurie, our in-house sports masseuse who is on hand to help ease sore muscles and keep the women going throughout the week. She may look small, but she has very strong hands - just what you need for a proper deep-tissue massage.

By the middle of the week, the ladies start to notice things changing; they’re no longer craving sugar and are not hungry often. You start to hear comments like ‘Your bum is definitely looking smaller’ and ‘wow, your face looks slimmer!’. It’s so nice to hear positive and encouraging things from one client to the other - they really build a great bond over the week and often stay friends once they head home.

Nutritionist talk at Who Dares Slims fitness and weight loss boot camp in Spain

Something else that comes home with you is the knowledge, hints and tips you learn from our partner nutritionist Louise. She ran an interactive session on working out your macronutrient requirements and how to calculate this for yourself. She also shared tips on how to navigate the supermarket and make the right buying choices.

On the last day, we went on a hike that took us through mountains and across rivers. We saw vultures and eagles as well as turtles by the river. There were also goats, cows and donkeys. And we did also stumble across a couple sunbathing naked - I’m blushing for them.

If Spain is too sunny for your tastes - we also have our  boot camp in Scotland 31st August - 7th September 2019.

If Spain is too sunny for your tastes - we also have our boot camp in Scotland 31st August - 7th September 2019.

After a week of giving it 100% effort, the ladies came to the dreaded morning weigh-in. They absolutely smashed it out the park, with an average weight loss of 4.1kg!

If you are keen to get fit with likeminded ladies - or get rid of those extra kilos, the the next boot camp in Spain runs 27th May - 2nd June and we have VERY limited places left. We are also excited to announced our first round of 2020 boot camp dates:

  • 18th - 25th January 2020

  • 1st - 8th February 2020

  • 28th March - 4th April 2020